Applebee'S Breakfast Menu

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Flavors!

Applebee’s currently does not offer a breakfast menu, as they specialize in lunch and dinner. Their menus vary by location and time of day.

Applebee’s, a popular casual dining chain, is known for its American comfort food and neighborhood grill vibe, serving a variety of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and entrees. With a focus on lunch, dinner, and late-night dining, the restaurant’s hours typically begin at 11 am, which means morning diners will need to look elsewhere for their first meal of the day.

While breakfast might not be on the table, Applebee’s invites guests to enjoy their diverse menu which includes healthier options like salads and grilled items, as well as indulgent desserts and a wide selection of beverages. Catering to a family-friendly audience, their regular deals, like the famous “2 for $22” special, keeps diners coming back for the flavorful and well-priced meal options.

Applebee's Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Flavors!

Early Morning Delight At Applebee’s

Early risers rejoice with Applebee’s delightful breakfast menu. Embrace a flavor-packed morning as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. Exciting options await, from fluffy pancakes to hearty omelets. Enjoy a feast that caters to both sweet and savory cravings. Each dish promises to kick-start the day with a tantalizing twist.

Applebee’s welcomes families and friends to gather and savor these morning treats. Taste, quality, and joy define the breakfast experience here. Indulge in a meal that energizes the body and uplifts the spirit.

Unveiling The Menu

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu brings excitement to morning meals. Classic dishes receive a unique twist, ensuring a delightful start to your day. Savor the taste of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, but with a sprinkle of cinnamon and apple for that extra zing!

For those eager to try something new, the Innovative Dishes won’t disappoint. Bite into the savory Breakfast Quesadilla stuffed with fresh eggs, cheese, and a choice of bacon or sausage. Or, opt for the Wholesome Quinoa Bowl mixed with almonds, berries, and a touch of honey.

Dish Description
Pancakes with a Twist Cinnamon-spiced with fresh apple toppings.
Breakfast Quesadilla Filled with eggs, cheese, and choice of meat.
Quinoa Berry Bowl Almonds, berries, and honey on wholesome quinoa.

Health-conscious Options

Start your morning with Applebee’s breakfast menu, filled with health-conscious options. Enjoy a variety of light and nutritious choices that are perfect to fuel your day. Choose from our wholesome fruit bowls, oatmeal with fresh toppings, or egg white omelets packed with veggies.

For those minding their calorie intake, our menu offers scrumptious yogurt parfaits and whole-grain toast. Every dish comes with a focus on balance and taste, ensuring you don’t miss out on flavor while eating healthy. Kick-start your morning with these energizing and delicious breakfast options at Applebee’s!

Sweet Beginnings

Applebee’s sweetens mornings with its irresistible breakfast menu. Treat yourself to fluffy pancakes smothered in syrup or indulge in rich waffles with a side of fruit. Lovers of sweet pastries won’t be disappointed with the selection offered. Savor the delicate flavors of freshly-baked croissants, muffins, and danishes. Each bite is crafted for the perfect start to your day.

Pancakes & Waffles Pastries & Breads
Classic Buttermilk Pancakes Buttery Croissants
Chocolate Chip Pancakes Blueberry Muffins
Banana Nut Waffles Assorted Danishes

Hearty Egg Dishes

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu offers a range of hearty egg dishes. Their traditional omelettes come with cheese and fresh veggies. They also serve trendy omelettes with ingredients like avocado and spinach. Kids and adults love these egg delights.

Savor the scrambles, made with fluffy eggs and tasty mix-ins. Try the cheese scramble or the meat lover’s scramble. Don’t miss their benedicts. The classic benedict is always a great choice, but the California benedict, with tomato and avocado, is a fresh twist.

Applebee's Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Flavors!

Sip On Sunshine

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu brings you to a sunny start! Delight in fresh, fruit-packed juices and creamy smoothies for a perfect morning blend. Each sip promises a burst of flavor and a healthy kick-start to your day.

For those who love a cozy cup, our hot beverages are the ideal companion. Choose from rich, aromatic coffees and a variety of teas to warm up your spirit. Each drink is crafted to perfection, ensuring your day begins with a smile.

For The Little Roosters

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu delights both kids and parents alike. Their kid-friendly breakfast options bring nutrition to the table with a fun twist.

Kids can enjoy a variety of meals that are both wholesome and exciting. From french toast to fruity pancakes, each dish serves up a smile.

Breakfast Item Ingredients Calories
Mini Pancakes Maple syrup, fruits 300
Scrambled Eggs Eggs, cheese 200
Grilled Cheese Bread, cheddar cheese 350
Yogurt with Berries Yogurt, mixed berries 220

The Applebee’s Breakfast Experience

Applebee’s is a go-to spot for many hungry diners. Guests rave about the wide variety of options. The menu caters to those with a sweet tooth and savory lovers alike. Pancakes, waffles, and omelettes are just the beginning. Their signature dishes also receive high praise.

Families love the kid-friendly choices, making mornings less stressful. The service gets a thumbs-up for being quick and friendly. Indeed, Applebee’s sets the bar high for a satisfying breakfast experience.

Item Description Price Range
Brunch Burger A juicy burger topped with bacon and eggs $10-15
Stuffed French Toast Sweet cream cheese filling with fruit topping $8-12
Country Omelette Loaded with cheese, meat, and veggies $9-14

Join The Breakfast Club

Becoming part of the Applebee’s Breakfast Club unlocks tasty benefits. Exclusive deals and special offers are just the start. Regular patrons enjoy scrumptious perks. Joining the club is easy and free.

Sign up for Applebee’s Email Club to get the latest updates. Instantly receive a free welcome offer. Plus, you’ll celebrate birthdays with a special treat. Keep your inbox ready for mouth-watering deals.

Planning Your Visit

Applebee’s serves up a morning feast that’s worth waking up for. Check your local Applebee’s for specific breakfast hours, as they can vary by location. To beat the crowds, aim for an early visit or after the morning peak.

Table reservations might not be typical for breakfast, but you can call ahead to inquire. For large groups, a call ahead can ease the process. Don’t miss out on their tasty options by arriving at the right time!

Applebee's Breakfast Menu: Savor the Morning Flavors!

Frequently Asked Questions For Applebee’s Breakfast Menu

What Time Does Applebee’s Serve Breakfast?

Applebee’s typically starts serving breakfast from 7:00 AM. However, breakfast hours may vary by location.

Does Applebee’s Offer A Breakfast Buffet?

As of my last update, Applebee’s does not offer a breakfast buffet. Their breakfast menu includes a variety of individual plates.

Can I Get Applebee’s Breakfast For Delivery?

Yes, you can get Applebee’s breakfast delivered through their website or third-party delivery services. Availability depends on your location.

Are There Healthy Options On Applebee’s Breakfast Menu?

Applebee’s breakfast menu includes healthier options such as oatmeal and fruit-based dishes. Check their menu for detailed nutritional information.


Embarking on a morning feast at Applebee’s offers a delightful start to the day. Their breakfast menu marries classic favorites with innovative twists, ensuring all palates are pleased. Next time your morning cravings kick in, remember Applebee’s can serve up a tasty solution.

Embrace the joy of a hearty breakfast and make your day truly special.


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